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I help researchers and companies communicate scientific and health-related topics to audiences ranging from laypeople to experts. My strong background in life sciences, biotechnology, and healthcare communication ensures you will end up with engaging, high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

I coach, write, edit, and proofread your content:

  • Science education (websites, manuscripts, abstracts, presentations, posters, and meetings)
  • Scientific marketing (websites, brochures, white papers, blogs, newsletters, press releases, and social media)
  • Academic writing (scientific papers, abstracts, posters, presentations, and grant proposals)

My science and medical communication experience

2022 – Coaching, writing, and editing with SciEmbassy.

2021 – Senior medical writer at EMA.

2019 – Scientific content writer (marketing) at LUMICKS.

2019 – Organizer of Ivory Embassy’s talk show.

2018 – Freelance medical writer.

2018 – Invited presenter at the Pint of Science in Amsterdam.

2017 – Founded Ivory Embassy.

A bit of background

Santiago Gisler is a scientific and medical writer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He works with companies, academic researchers, and organizations to highlight their science through engaging, explicit, and impactful content that resonates with their audience.

Before transferring to science communication, Santiago worked as a cancer researcher for several years. Like many researchers, his initial plan was simple and linear:  pipetting through a PhD, followed by one or two postdocs, and, finally, forming a research group. The project brought Santiago from Lund University in Sweden to CNIO in Madrid, Spain, and back north to the beautiful Amsterdam and the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AvL), where he would finally receive his PhD. 

However, he gradually realized he needed more than the expertise gained from working at the molecular and cellular levels. The research and findings were exciting,  but something was missing.

A nagging urge to dissect and communicate complex knowledge with others — regardless of their expertise level — finally convinced him to create the science blog Ivory Embassy with an ex-colleague and friend.

The plan slowly morphed to fit his newfound interest in communication: the laptop became his lab bench, and the keyboard became his pipette.

"I connect with a wide spectrum of audiences, from the general public to seasoned experts, crafting compelling content that ignites curiosity and solidifies credibility."

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Research and expertise

Cancer biology
Molecular genetics
Gene editing
Drug discovery

Topics as a science communication specialist

Rare diseases
Single-molecule research
Cell avidity
Medicines regulation
Medical devices

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