While on the marketing team at LUMICKS, I was the project owner and creator of several application notes describing experimental approaches with C-Trap (dynamic single molecule research) and z-Movi (cell avidity/immuno-oncology). The application notes explain how researchers can implement the instruments to study different molecular and cellular interactions.  

To the right, you’ll find an excerpt from one of the application notes, and below, you’ll find a list of the relevant application notes. Please contact me if you want more information about these application notes.

Extract from an application note on cell avidity and immuno-oncology.
Excerpt of a z-Movi brochure from LUMICKS

Application notes

  • Manipulating and studying cellular mechanics and functions in real time (C-Trap®)

  • Analyze Cas-9 binding and cleavage properties in real time while manipulating DNA structures (C-Trap®)

  • Manipulate and study protein droplet dynamics and properties in real time to understand phase separation  (C-Trap®)

  • Real-time detection of kinase conformational changes in the presence of small-molecule inhibitor (C-Trap®)

  • Rapid assessment of CAR T-cell strategies for multiple myeloma with the z-Movi® cell-avidity analyzer (z-Movi®)

  • Improve the functional correlation of TCR T cells by replacing affinity with avidity (z-Movi®; owner and supervisor)

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