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Alright! After successfully launching my science communication business and setting up the SciEmbassy website, I can dedicate some time to the SceEmbassy blog. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to get to know me and vice versa.

My reasons for blogging are part selfish and part unselfish. Let me explain. From experience with my other website (Ivory Embassy), blogging helps me structure my existing knowledge and works as a gateway to new knowledge – and as my people will tell you, I love gathering new knowledge. As such, I find that applying the more than 30-year-old educational method of learning by teaching (German: Lernen durch Lehren) is straightforward and works. After all, is there a better way to structure your internal data chaos?

By now, the unselfish part must be rather apparent: you’ll learn what I know. Whether you’re scrolling through the blog because you’re an aspiring science writer, to improve your writing and marketing skills, or just out of boredom, I hope you’ll get out of here a bit brighter than before. Perhaps, the blog posts will help you build your first (scientific) website, teach you how to edit your texts, or improve your published content.

So, by setting up the blog, I want to expand our understanding of science communication, including what makes great storytelling, education, and marketing. You’ll find the popular top 5 lists that everyone seems to love, interviews, and notes from my experiences communicating science, to name a few. I’ll try to write posts when I have some time off from writing projects, although aiming at publishing about once or twice a month.

I hope you’ll enjoy this interaction, and I look forward to hearing your comments from time to time. See you here!

About SciEmbassy

SciEmbassy offers science communication services for institutes and companies that want to create captivating, on-point scientific content. After years as a researcher specializing in gene regulation, gene editing, and cancer-drug discovery, I realized communication was my calling. Since then, I’ve created a science website and written for biotech, patient-directed news platforms, and the European Medicines Agency. These experiences have allowed me to work with a wide range of topics and with all audiences.

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I help companies, organizations, and institutes in need of communication plans and captivating scientific content. Do you need coaching and mentoring to enhance your communication skills and brand? Let's discuss how we can help you get there. Book a free exploration call.

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About the blog

Welcome to SciEmbassy’s blog! Here, you’ll find tips and tricks that help you write explicit and impactful scientific content. Enjoy the articles, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the blog or my coaching services

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I assist companies, organizations, and institutes in crafting compelling communication plans and captivating scientific content. Are you a writer that needs coaching and mentoring to enhance your writing and brand? Let's discuss how we can collaborate and book a free exploration call.