Improve your possibilities with a science communication coach:

Improve your science communication skills: writing, editing, and presenting.

Transform your scientific ideas and results into compelling narratives.

Give your budding science communication career an edge

Gain the confidence to network and ace interviews.

Anyone can excel in science communication with the right support!

Writers and communicators

Are you an aspiring, beginner, or experienced science communicator seeking to elevate your skills and advance your career? Get the support and guidance you need to start your science communication career, excel in the art of communication, and networking.


Is your company looking to enhance the impact and clarity of its external or internal communications? Our coaching can help your team members captivate and drive your messages home effectively.


Recognize the power of clear communication but need assistance in giving your thesis, manuscript, or presentation the competitive edge it deserves? We help you sharpen your scientific messaging and stand out in your field.

More than science communication

You are curious and eager to share your knowledge with the world. But there’s a challenge—breaking into science communication and writing can feel like stepping into a labyrinth.

  • You’re itching to start but don’t know where to begin.
  • Everyone demands a portfolio, but yours is blank.
  • You’ve dreamed of launching a blog, but it’s uncharted territory.
  • Self-marketing feels like deciphering a secret code.
  • Your expertise is in research, not writing.
  • Communication basics seem elusive.
  • Content structure, storytelling, impact, and accuracy need finesse.
  • Networking, interviews, and presentations? Confidence is a work in progress.
  • Oh, and looming deadlines? They’re your new nemesis.

If this sounds like your reality, SciEmbassy’s science communication coach is for you!

Let's find your potentials

Imagine a journey, not through the seemingly longer route, but the one that leads you straight to success.

You might initially think honing your communication skills will take too much time—perhaps a few months. You may even consider opting for quick fixes, like having someone correct your content.

However, by addressing the core issue and mastering communication, you save time and reduce reliance on external assistance. It’s an investment that pays dividends in the end.

Let’s work together to reach your goals…

Magnetic writing and presentations

Resources at your fingertips

Clarity and consistency that define your content

Rehearsals as your secret weapon

Scientific accuracy on lock

Insights to land jobs and ace interviews

Meet your science communication coach

Santiago Gisler is a science communicator and certified coach with a solid scientific background from renowned cancer institutes in Europe:

  • The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AvL), Amsterdam
  • National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), Madrid
  • Biomedical Center (BMC) at Lund University, Lund 

With a Ph.D. in molecular genetics, including cancer research, epigenetics, gene editing, drug discovery, and stem cell research, your coach is well-equipped to guide you in becoming a better writer.

Certified professional life coach.

Coaching advantages at glance

With a passion for science communication since 2017 and a professional scientific writer and communicator since 2018, your certified coach has a wealth of experiences, including:

  • Thesis and manuscript writing
  • Seminar and conference presentations
  • Science outreach and educational events
  • Scientific marketing and communication projects
  • Query responses and medical writing
  • Reviewing and feedback
  • Job interviews and networking
  • Marketing strategies and communication plans
  • Creating and presenting at scientific outreach events
  • Supervising students in research
  • Guiding marketing specialists and graphic designers
  • Assisting R&D and data management with protocols and manuals
  • Advising sales teams on grant writing
  • Helping product managers and business developers with presentations
  • Supporting HR and legal departments with company handbooks
  • Creating and improving company style guides
  • Conducting training in science communication

Your coach’s experience is your asset on this journey towards science communication and writing excellence.


Anurag Srivastava, Ph.D.

Anurag Srivastava, PhD

Content creator


I initially thought I would gain one more article for my portfolio, but I ended up finding a mentor for life. 

His journey and guidance played a pivotal role in my transition from academia to the industry. I will forever be grateful to Santiago for his mentorship and support.

Logo the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AvL).

Margarida Martin, PhD

Project manager


If you want to ensure your (Ph.D.) dissertation has an articulate storyline free of spelling and grammar mistakes, I strongly recommend Santiago’s proofreading services.

Logo the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AvL).

Kris Samson

PhD student at NKI-AvL


Santiago has significantly improved my manuscript in terms of consistency and language. In addition, he is thorough, efficient and pleasant to work with. I feel confident now that my manuscript meets the quality standards of top-tier research journals